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Sunday, June 16, 2013
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How many of u know about oculus rift????? :p

To be honest, I know this stuff from my lil bro Michael Juan aka MJ, the owner of this blog, when he ask me to make this stuff into the blog,, since I am recruited to be his admin, I am going to entertain u guys with crazy technology that could make everyone envy!!! :D

So, oculus rift,,,
Is like a google,, a big google glasses, that could make u feel like “in” to the game!!!
For example 1 game that we can play with this oculus rift,, skyrim!!!

Amazing isn't i??? Want those??? ofc!!
Talking about oculus rift history, oculus rift is inspired by some kind of anime called Sword Art Online aka SAO, i believe some of u know this :D

Do you ever watch an anime called SWORD ART ONLINE?

It's story line is about a VRMMORPG (Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role Play Gaming)
Here's the big shot, hope you get what i'm talking about from watching this episode 1 of Sword Art Online Scene

Ever had a fantasy like that? Being alive in a virtual world, playing with your real sense and feel all the tense, pain, sensation etc... For me, i ever had...

And now, this dream ALMOST being a reality...

here is the question u might ask :D
Does Oculus Rift support for all games?
The answer isssssss,,,,,,,,, no
Why? :'(
Because oculus rift is a new technology, so only new games support oculus rift and making an application for oculus rift is not easy and so complicated. Some old games can be played but cannot using the full feature from oculus rift. So not all games can be played on oculus rift :'(
But here is the list that support oculus rift :D

That's all we know about oculus rift :D 

Oh! Almost forget...

Here's for your viewing pleasure...

Oculus Rift!!

Version 1
Version 2

This is what makes Oculus Rift Special...

This what would happen if you attached this thing on your head, you'll directly like in the game world itself. Despite the 60"(or more, i'm note sure) width screen you'll be faced, you still can't control the game with your body, this fantastic gadget only would pleasure your eyes and all other sense except touch, smell and flavor. Sorry!!

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Thanks For Reading,Watching,Listening here
God Bless you :)

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